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Define your own Art

Experiment to find out your favorite pattern.

Build Pattern

String/Thread Arts

String art is very popular and fun. A great way to express your creativity. You can make many different shapes and shades. It all depends on your imaginatinos. Inpiringboard has come up with some arts which are easy to make.

Learn more about string art on our tutorial

Mathematic patterns are quite interesting and varies with each factor and number of pins. Before making it on real board, you can visualize the final pattern with out experimental DIY here.

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Geometric String Art

Threaded in rectangular shapes, most of these arts create a marvellous patterns for decorations.

To learn some basic to advance patterns, please follow the tutorial

Contemprary string art is very popular these days, which make unique and very facinating patterns. Here are some patterns for beginners based on Triangular boards or Polyganal Boards. tutorial