Rainbow Torches

One of the lovely arts, very easy to make. Choose rainbow colors and it will give a good contrast on wooden board. See the step by step instructions below.

Things needed

  1. A rectangular board of width 28 X 13 inches.
  2. 32 strong pins or nails and a hammer to fix pins
  3. Thread, strong enough to hold atleast 1kg of weight. You can choose color of your choice.

Optional efforts to make the art look better

  1. Paint your board with nice color which gives nice backgorund to your art
  2. You can choose a nice velvet cloth for good background

Now lets make this

  1. Draw a rectangle of length 70 cms and height 30 cms.
  2. Fix 16 pins on each length sides of the rectangle. It will make 2 lines parallel to each other.
  3. From each pin on one line, pass the thread to all the pins on other line.