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Symbol of Peace, point of focus. Easy to thread, this beautiful piece need a very light, eye soothing colors like seabluegreen, natural green colors on black backgourd. Please see below for the instructions

Things needed

  1. A circular board of diameter 26 inches.
  2. 86 strong pins or nails and a hammer to fix pins
  3. Thread, strong enough to hold atleast 1kg of weight. You can choose colors of your choice. Best choice will be green and light green colors.

Optional efforts to make the art look better

  1. Paint your board with nice color which gives nice backgorund to your art
  2. You can choose a nice velvet cloth for good background

Now lets make this

  1. Draw a circle of radius 12.5 inches from center of the board. Circumference is around 200 cms.
  2. Pick a starting point, lets call it 0b. Now starting from 0b, keep fixing pins on the circumference of the circle at a space of 10cm. So if you number your pins, it will be 0b, 1b, 2b, 3b, ...19b.
  3. Draw an inner circle of radius 4.7 cms which will have roughly 30 cms of circumeference. Pick a starting point, lets call it 0i, start fixing pins at a distance of .5 cm so we will end up fixing total of 60 pins. Lets call them 0i, 1i, 2i, .... 59i/li>
  4. Please follow the below instructions to tie the threads:
    • Start with color 1 from 0b -> 51i -> 0b -> 52i -> 0b -> 53 ...... 0b -> 9i -> 0b -> 10i
    • 10i -> 2b -> 57i -> 2b -> 58i -> 2b -> 59i .....-> 2b -> 14i -> 2b -> 15i -> 2b -> 16i
    • Do similar steps for 4b, 6b, 8b, 10b, 12b, 14b, 16b, 18b with above color.
    • Start with color 2 from 1b and connect it with pins 53i, 54i .... 11i, 12i, 13i