Rays of Happiness

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This art is an inspiration for happiness. Looking at this piece of art can instantly make you calm and peaceful. Very calm colors like green or sky blue on black background will be an ideal pick. See the step by step instructions below.

Things needed

  1. A circular board of diameter 38 inches.
  2. 366 strong pins or nails and a hammer to fix pins
  3. Thread, strong enough to hold atleast 1kg of weight. You can choose colors of your choice.

Optional efforts to make the art look better

  1. Paint your board with nice color which gives nice backgorund to your art
  2. You can choose a nice velvet cloth for good background

Now lets make this

  1. Draw a circle of diameter 37.6 inches from center of the board. Circumference is around 300 cms.
  2. Pick a starting point, lets call it 0. Now starting from 0, keep fixing pins on the circumference of the circle at a space of 6mm. So if you number your pins, it will be 0b, 1b, 2b, 3b, ... 299b of bigger circle
  3. Make another circle inside the bigger circle of radius 9.55 cms. Circumference will be around 60 cms. Lets call these pins 0i, 1i, 2i..... 59i. inner circle
  4. Inside smaller circle you can pin 6 more pins at equal distance or can have just one pin in the center.
  5. We will divide inner circle in 15 parts from where we are starting points for us.
  6. Now tie the thread with 0i and pass the thread around the pins as following rule:
    • With color1: Strating from 0i pass the thread from. 0i -> 280b -> 0i -> 281b -> 0i -> 282b -> 0i.....0i -> 8b -> 0i -> 19b -> 0i -> 20b
    • 20b -> 7i -> 20b -> 7i -> 21b -> 7i ......7i -> 59b -> 7i -> 60b... Do this process for 15i, 23i, 31i, 39i, 47i, 55i
    • Starting from 3i with a different color, 3i -> 0b -> 3i -> 1b -> 3i -> 2b.......3i -> 39b -> 3i -> 40b
    • 11i -> 40b -> 11i -> 41b -> 11i -> 42b.......11i -> 79b -> 3i -> 80b. Do thid process for 19i, 27i, 35i, 43i, 51i, 59i
    • From inner circle to center point, you can have any kind of pattern. Anything will look good with this.